Bloom’s Chalice

Capturing the allure of supreme floral beauty is the cheerful Light Purple Sweetpea and the organic romanticism of Pink Lisianthus. This creation is then paired with the gracefully incurved petals of Coral Charm Peonies and the understated beauty and elegance of the Green Hellebores. This spectacular ensemble is complimented with clusters of Green Viburnum Balls, sprawling Clematis Vines and then completed to perfection with a hand-made vase of Lily Grass.


This uniquely stunning arrangement sparks the imagination with delicate Green Tea and  Green Wasabi Roses, beautifully blended with Green Lisianthus and the unique Jackpot Eryngium. They share the spotlight with the flamboyant and fiery Red and Yellow Gloriosa, dusted with Silver Tillandsia. Pittosproum Nigra completes this remarkable and vibrant work of art.


The Super Green and White Double Tulip is an explosion of fresh and inviting blooms that open to over-sized ruffles of pure delight. Artistically married into an intricate weave of Lily Grass this bouquet exudes wondrous beauty.


This attention-getting bouquet is an effusive collection of the always impressive Blue Iris, Blue Eryngium Super Nova, and the striking Bird of Paradise. The look is completed with the unique pairing of succulent Grey Velvet Tillandsia, Grey Spanish Moss, and Steel Grass. This impressive design is a scene stealer in any setting.


Elegant and shapely, this arrangement is generous with it’s Double White tulips that reach  toward the light allowing these beautiful blooms to continue their flourish. Paired with the natural green tone and a hint of neutral paint stroke in the distinctive Variegated Hosta. Simply stunning.

Flamingo’s Air

Vibrant and beautiful, the tropical Graffiti Anthurium is a conversation piece in its intricate design. The simplistic yet ornamental arrangement is complete with Green Lily and Steel Grass.


The striking and exotic beauty of these semi heart-shaped blooms define captivating elegance with it’s bright white petals and freckled interior atop long green stems. Simplistic and chic is the White Alstroemeria also known as the Peruvian Lily and a beloved favorite of Jean-Pascal.


This bouquet is a favorite of the fashion elite. White flowers are always in style. Magical Tibet Roses, charming Snowflake Spray Roses, Sirius Questar and gorgeous Double White Tulips create a magnificent mixture of white’s purity and elegance. Accompanied by the soft texture of  fragrant mint leaves, this arrangement ties beautifully together for a pristine and sophisticated arrangement.

Fleur Verte

Chic, and exotic Green Tea roses are combined with Mini Green Hydrangea’s and Eringium blooms to create a bouquet of grace and beauty. These densely packed flowers are infused throughout with Green Hypericum Berries for a special element to this already timeless design. Inspired by the colors green and white; this bouquet is lush and adds tranquility and cheer to any space.


This bouquet enchants with the sophistication of Soft Pink Roses and lavish lavender Grey Knight Roses. Purple Velvet Anemones add dark hues for just the right amount of drama and contrast. Mint leaves and blackberries compliment this arrangement into a modern yet traditional arrangement of ravishing beauty.

Orange Menagerie

As fragrant as it is breathtaking, this brilliant new design features a medley of Juliet Garden Roses and Soft Pink Carnations infused with brilliant Orange Tycoon Roses and the elegance of Bi-Color Peach Mini Phalaenopsis. This bountiful arrangement sits atop a ribbon of Green Ti leaves. With it’s unique floral elements and interesting flower textures, this bright and vibrant bouquet will stand out in any room.

Sweet Geraldine

Exquisite Juliet, Beatrice, Geraldine, and Yellow Butterscotch Roses combined with Soft Pink Carnations, White Freesia, Blue Delphinium and Bi-Color Canary Tulips, create a bouquet of wondrous beauty with it’s beautiful mixture of varying colors and hues. The sweet and lovely essence of this arrangement is sure to charm and influence a buoyant mood.


This beautiful, elegant floral design is refined with its stunning White Tibetan Roses. Steel grass is gathered and artistically tied together with a perfectly streaked Ti leaf. Simplistic but commanding, this bouquet is the creme de la creme of arrangements.

Elizabeth’s Iris

The striking Blue Iris (a Van Gogh favorite) is worthy of its long adored praise as a decorative symbol used by French Royalty but appreciated by all. This arrangement blends Variegated Cobra Lily, the sturdy Aspidistra, vintage Pittosporum Nigra and Steel Grass to create this alluring bouquet.


This romantic, velvety arrangement is a vision to behold boasting its Red and Yellow Gloriosas, charming Freedom Red Roses, oversized Rococo Red Parrot Tulips, and classic Dark Red Rubicon Spray Roses. Nestled with Purple and White Fancy Minerva Carnations, and Green Aspidistra, this bouquet is captivating in its rich, flamboyant glory and opulent luxury.


This expressive arrangement celebrates color with exotic Orange Pincushions, bold Apricot Carpe Diem Roses, intoxicating Cherry Brandy Roses, and eccentric Orange Parrot Tulips. Bursting with the glow of a fiery sunset, this bouquet exudes warmth and beauty. Steel Grass gives a whimsical touch to complete this lush display.


The time honored Light Pink Calla Lily paired with the graceful Pink Esperanza Rose and long lasting Pink Wax flowers are richly balanced with strikingly rich Brown Lady’s Slipper Orchids. This dramatic and distinctive arrangement is remarkable in it’s uniqueness. Interesting textures paired with pink vibrancy make it the perfect display to instigate a great mood.

Bouton d’or

This delightful and warm arrangement beguiles with bright Calla Lily Mango blooms, classic Cream Carnations, demure Cream Stock flowers, Yellow Butterscotch Roses, and elegant Bi-Color Canary Tulips. Steel Grass peeks through the bottom of this overflowing, golden design. Carefully selected for their beauty and freshness, this bouquet generously presents blossoms in a memorable way.


This impressionable and enchanting bouquet is bursting with fanciful White Wax flowers, beautiful Ranunculus Butterfly Ariande Blush flowers, gorgeous White Cream Majolica Spray Roses, White Tibet Roses, the delicate White Iris, Green and White Venus Orchids, refined White Stock flowers, and traditional White Carnations all grounded with Steel Grass and Pittosporum Nigra. This lovely arrangement unites a blend of the most beautiful white flowers available and symbolizes your thoughtful character.

Juliet’s Rising

The soft sophistication of David Austin Juliet Garden Roses is nestled with the lustrous Green Viburnum and the deep Purple Clematis. Fragrant Light Purple Sweetpeas merge with the award-winning Coral Charm Peonies blooming into their cup-shaped beauty. Wide ruffled and delicate petals of the Pink Lisianthus exemplify appreciation only to be dazzled by the charm of Green Ranunculus Clooney. These abundantly large blooms and hues of color are arranged in a vase of Lily Grass.


The gemstone-colored and airy Bright Blue Larkspur’s stalks accompany the striking uniqueness of the Purple Iris and the showy, yet charming Violet Iris. This arrangement summons attention with its saturation of color while conveying the deepest of sentiments. V-shaped Steelgrass grounds this bouquet attached by an expertly-tied blade of Lily Grass.